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Terrified scene: Using magnet to remove 600 iron nails from man’s stomach 
January 09 2019, 9:11 AM
Doctors extract 600 nails from a man with an eating disorder.

Most of us probably familiar with eating disorders. Some disorders are more common than others, such as bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa. However, there are also those that are rare and peculiar, one of which is called pica, which is exactly what this man who ate 600 nails was suffering from.

Surgeons removed 600 iron nails from the stomach of a man with a habit of swallowing strange items.

None of the nails pierced Pradip’s stomach

Pradip Kumar Dhali’s family consulted doctors after he complained of acute abdomen pain around two months ago. To their amazement, an ultrasound scan revealed the 48-year-old had a pile of 600 iron nails lying in his stomach.

He was admitted to hospital, where after two days of observation surgeons used a magnet to remove the iron nails from his stomach. Luckily, none of the sharp nails pierced his stomach. None of the nails he swallowed pierced his stomach.

Pradip, 48, a schizophrenic patient, swallowed 600 iron nails

“We partially cut his stomach and used a magnet to bring out the nails one by one. There were more than 600 nails inside,” Dr. Siddhartha Biswas told.

Tests revealed the nails in Pradip’s stomach

While Dhali’s family knew about his habit of eating inanimate objects, they never imagined he was capable of eating so many nails.

“The family was asked by Pradip’s psychiatrist to not disturb him so they did not bother much what he was binging on,” Biswas said.


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