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Terrified scene: a one-ton ‘frisbee’ rock fall when a group of mountaineers is climbing
December 04 2018, 11:13 AM
Mountaineer narrowly escapes by a one-ton 'frisbee' of falling rock.

This is the terrifying moment a man avoided a huge piece of loose rock tumbled down a mountain he was climbing.

The near miss was filmed on Mount Spantik in Pakistan and shows Shayan Anwer just about dodging a storm of rockfall, including a massive 1-ton ‘frisbee’ that almost takes him out.

After narrowly missing Mr Anwer’s face, the huge piece of rock almost hits another climber, before crashing into a tent and dragging it thousands of metres down onto a glacier.

Mr Anwer told: While waiting at the base camp for the weather to get clear, this one day I heard loud noise that came from the way that goes to camp one.

‘I saw everybody at the base camp shouting and running for cover when I looked up I saw a rock coming straight for the campsite, because it was falling from a distance I was not able to judge the size of the rock and I started filming it with my phone camera.

‘I only realised when the rock actually came closer and split into two pieces, that’s when I started to run for cover but by that time it had come too close already.

‘It landed on our camp’s entrance, missed my face by literally a few inches and then after a bounce it took off and landed on the kitchen tent which it destroyed completely and then it almost hit this Swiss climber before going down into the Chogholungma glacier.’

Despite the brush with death, the climbers stayed at base camp that night.

However, according to Mr Anwer, ‘nobody slept’.

The next day, a team of climbers and high-altitude porters went up to analyse the situation.

Their terrifying conclusion said that around 4000 cubic metres of the mountain could fall at any moment.

They advised Mr Anwer and the other climbers that it was too dangerous to stay at base camp, or to continue with the climb.

However, Mr Anwer and his team decided to stay another day at base camp before continuing their climb.

They journeyed to camp one before climbing up a very steep path with a 700m fixed rope.

They stayed the night there but decided to descend the next day because they were out of supplies like food and gas.

Watching video:

Source video: Daily Mail


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