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Tending to veneer white porcelain teeth, the lady gets tragic results and dangerous complications
September 05 2018, 4:38 PM
Veneering white porcelain teeth is bad or good?

Porcelain teeth have become a hot trend nowadays because they help you enhance your beauty. However, the consequence isn’t simple.

The saying “Hair and tooth are human’s root” is totally right, beautiful teeth give you confidence to have a bright smile, which makes your face look so perfect. Because of the reason, many people today choose to veneer porcelain teeth. It doesn’t spend much time or suffer uncomfortable inconvenient as braces. It takes a few days to go to the dentist, you can have beautiful white teeth like corns. However, the fee is high and the expiration date is short. Only a certain time, it makes negative impacts on oral health.

1. Uncovering teeth root

This is a common condition after the porcelain teeth for a while. If the porcelain teeth aren’t fit to the real teeth, it will lead to uncover teeth root. People can suffer from gum disease, which leads to cause infection and damage teeth root.

2. Gingivitis

When porcelain teeth aren’t applied closely, it will create holes that may hurt gum. From the situation, gun will be swelled, pained and even become milky.

3. The porcelain teeth are broken

If you are wearing a porcelain tooth, prepare that they will break and turn black after a period of time. Moreover, if the clinic is poorly fitted  with the real teeth, it will lead to dangerous consequences.


4. Broken tooth root

The most serious complication is the root teeth damage and loss of natural teeth. The cause of this condition is due to improper process for bacteria to attack. This leads to gingivitis for a long time without treatment can also damage the root teeth.

To sum up, veneering white porcelain teeth will help you become more beautiful, but you should consider carefully when apply the method.

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