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Teenage daughter caught on a date red-handed, furious mother throws flying chairs to their faces
October 12 2018, 2:01 PM
How can a mother be such unreasonable and overreacted?

This woman caught her daughter going on a date after school. In front of many people, she just didn’t care and decided to “teach her a lesson” by making a scene. After insulting the young couple, she even lifted a chair up to throw it to their faces.

After insulting the young couple, she even lifted a chair up to throw it to their faces.

I wonder if she ever regrets what she’s done that day.

That she embarrassed her daughter and herself, made the little girl scared because she fell in love.

And what the boy, her friends will think about her? Will she open up her her to her mother when she grows up, thinking back to this day?

Parents, your kids will never be small forever. They’ll grow up, have friends and have feeling towards someone else.

If so, what’s a parent to do? Well, try to keep a cool head yourself, make sure that the lines of communication with your child remain open, and that you are not judgmental (at least until you see the boyfriend’s rap sheet!). Also, try the following with your child:

Discuss the benefits of finding a balance in a relationship, especially if your child is getting too involved or obsessed with the relationship. You may have to set some limits on telephone or Internet time, or suggest that activities and time are spent with a variety of friends.

Caution your child to not spend too much money on gifts for the other person — it’s expensive, and may not be received well.

If the relationship is relatively new, suggest to your child that he or she shy away from buying a gift that is to be worn on the body (jewelry, clothing) — that’s very personal and may be viewed by the recipient (or their folks!) as too intimate.

Watch here:

Video source: tintuc60phut


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