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Tearful funeral of handsome Singaporean actor who lost his life for injuries at a military exercise; heart-breaking shares from his girlfriend made everyone shocked
January 29 2019, 2:08 PM
After Aloysius Pang, a  Singaporean actor suddenly left his life, his girlfriend had moving shares.

The entertainment “village” of Singapore just suffered a shock when the famous  actor Aloysius Pang suddenly went to his last resting place due to a disastrous accident in the military training. Aloysius Pang was a sergeant first class of the fighting army, participating in a military exercise called “Thunder Warrior” in New Zealand. During the repair and maintenance of the cannon, a problem has occurred, causing his abdomen and chest to be crushed. After 3 surgeries, male artists still did not escape the dangerous situation. On January 26, his tearful funeral was celebrated, leaving many painful memories.

Aloysius Pang is a famous actor in the entertainment “village” of Singapore.

The Singapore army brought the coffin to motherland.

The funeral took place in a painful and distressing atmosphere.

The parents, relatives of the actor cried in their son’s funeral.

Thousands of fans came to take him to the last resting place.

In Aloysius Pang’s funeral, another character who was noticeable was his girlfriend. During the funeral, she stood by her boyfriend’s family, but she herself could not control her feelings. In a previous interview, Aloysius Pang once shared that he wanted to marry at the age of 31. But he went to his last resting place at the age of 28.

After that,the girl had a suffering shares on the social networks. Singaporean actor’s girlfriend said, if there were a next life, she still wanted to become his wife. She also expressed that she would take care of his parents for him. This caused the people to wonder whether she still wanted to marry Aloysius Pang even though he had left this world to go to eternity.

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