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Teamwork makes the dream work: Adorable robbery and partners in crime recorded!
November 14 2018, 10:31 AM
Adorable partners in crime are caught!

We might not cheat, or steal, but many of us will scheme to get some good food. And that’s exactly what a little boy and his trusty dog from Lakeland, Florida did on June 14. They came up with the perfect scheme to break into the refrigerator to get a snack.

The little boy, whose name is Maverick (I mean could his name be any more fitting), and his dog Leroy are best buddies who practically spend every minute together when they are at home.

The 1-year-old basset hound can usually be found scheming on Maverick and trying and steal his food and the occasional toy. However, the dog and the 2-year-old decided to join forces to get to the refrigerator.

“Leory steals Maverick’s snacks and toys so he tends to hang around him waiting for the next treat,” said Maverick and Leroy’s parent. “I call them my twins because they are essentially the same age and get into mischief together throughout the day.”

Maverick came up with the idea to break into the refrigerator. His plan… use Leroy as a stepping stool to open the door and retrieve some delicious snacks.

This would have to be a tag team effort. And it worked! It actually worked amazingly well.

“Maverick was trying to get into the fridge and Leroy was nearby,” his mom explained. “He pulled him by the collar over to fridge and climbed up on him to open the door and look in.”

The basset hound stood miraculously still throughout this process and even Maverick seemed surprised when he successfully open the refrigerator door and got to poke around. While his plan worked, he didn’t have a plan beyond opening the refrigerator door. That is as far as his plan went.

And it all kind of went downhill from there.

“This has never been done before and Leroy does not follow directions for anyone in the house on a normal basis,” mom explained. “He is still a puppy and definitely not trained. I’m still shocked that he stood there and let Maverick use him.”

That, however, didn’t last very long. Leroy eventually got sick of being a step stool and left his post.

“After a few second Leroy leaves Maverick hanging as walks away,” mom said.

And she meant that quite literally. When Leroy walks away, little Maverick is still hanging on the refrigerator with his legs swinging underneath them. So much for teamwork!

Watch here:

Video source: pawbuzz


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