What is the taste of "Smoked Watermelon" like?
With the appearance resembles to steak, this unique dish is dragging the attention of American people.

We would like to introduce to you an one of a kind dish and you might never tried before. That special cusine is "Smoked Watermelon"

How can this be a watermelon?

This dish is made by chef William Horowitz and his desire is to bring more and more vegan meals to everyone. Let's see how its done.

Step 1: A watermelon is needed

The trick for roasting a watermelon

When it is finished, it will be like this. Remember, look can be deceiving, this is still a watermelon

Pour in olive oil, rosemary and of course the watermelon juice

And bon appetit 

Watch video:

Cao Trung Hưng

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