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Talented man uses drill to create “masterpieces”
September 14 2018, 9:50 AM
The man in the clip draws beautiful pictures, which surprised the people on the Internet.

Perhaps we often see artists draw beautiful pictures from crayons, kinds of pencils or specialized materials for drawing . However, it is rare for us to see who draw pictures from the drill. In the video clip, we will have the opportunities to see a man who is very creative and talented.

Symbolic image

To have “masterpiece”, the man prepared a mini drill and dark stone slabs or potteries. After that, he starts the drill and draws pictures without painting in just some seconds. The finished products were beautiful flowers and leaves.

Image is cut from the video clip.

After being shared on the social networks, the clip gained a lot of attention from netizens who left compliments on the “masterpieces” of the man. One commented: “Good job! he is an excellent artist”.  Another thought: ” he must be have 10 flowers on the fingerprints”

Image is cut from the video clip.

Recently, netizens have been shocked at the man who drew 3D picture on the iceberg supposed to be 20-cm thick. After the product was completed, we could see that there was a flower in the iceberg. Wonderful!

Watch video: 

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