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Talented carpenter makes durable and beautiful everyday items from tree roots
September 05 2018, 11:24 AM
The old man in the video skillfully makes the daily items from the tree roots, which surprised the viewers on the Internet.

Perhaps we often see carpenters make beautiful products from the wood of a tree. However, it is rare for us to see who makes furniture from the roots of the old trees. In the video clip, we will have the opportunities to see a man who is very creative.

Talented and creative carpenter.

The old man takes the roots of bamboos or old trees home. After that, thanks to his talents, he turns the roots into a lot of necessary products which are used in the daily life by himself. The products listed in the video include spoon, basket, saucepan, tray or even sprinkler. These items are not only beautiful but also very durable.

The old man takes the roots of bamboos or old trees home

After being shared on the internet, the video has made people surprised. Most of people admired the skilled carpenter. One commented: “Good job! he is an excellent carpenter”.

One of the beautiful products

The carpenter is so talented and creative. He deserves to be a mirror for the younger generation to follow

Symbolic image

Watch video:

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