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Taking a saw to the stage, no one understood what he was going to do, then all of them were ‘spellbound’
August 11 2018, 12:26 PM
Many objects have been transformed into musical instruments by art lovers, but changing the saw into instruments has never been heard. The handsome guy who came up with 'Spain's Got Talent' did that and made the studio astonished and delighted.

It was a saw, not a flock, so what did he do with this saw when entering the talent contest?

But when he pulled it out, a wonderful melodious sound reached the hearts of everyone in the studio.

They were quiet and stop all activities of the senses, only the hearing was working now. The ears had to work at full capacity to analyze and enjoy this special music!

You see, no one could resist this strange and charismatic music.

The audience stood up clapping, cheering for his performance.

Even the judges were not exception. Although all of them are specialists of music, for his showing, they were also convinced by his unique creativity.

Watch video:

Kim Ngan Do

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