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Taking place within just 11 seconds, but frightened accident makes people start like watching action movies
January 05 2019, 10:31 AM
The gate and a part of the wall collapsed. The scene after the devastating accident scared the viewers.

Recently, an accident happened a few months ago suddenly was dug out again because of fast speed and dangerous devastation.

Accordingly, at around 3.45 p.m on September 18, 2018, as recorded by the camera, a car ran at high speed on the village road. At the bend, the car did not slow down, so it rushed to the gate of the nearby house.

The iron gate and part of the house wall were smashed and broken, the car lost control and plunged into the road. The scene after the accident only took a few seconds to cause people to shudder because of the ‘not realizing’ desolation.

Although it is not known exactly the damage to people and property after the traffic accident, this is a lesson for those who use vehicle.

Kim Ngan Do

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