Taking children to kindergarten, parents do not know their children are being abused everyday by babysitters, not only submersed in the tank, but also beat in lunch

Posted on 10-07-2018.

Strangle neck, depress head to the ground, take a nose cap, slap the face ... are the "pedagogical methods" that the "teacher" at Phuong Anh Private Kindergarten (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) used to teach the baby.

Watching video:

Phuong Anh Private Kindergarten is located on the front of Hiep Binh Road, surrounded by walls, behind the border of bare land. Preschool principal is a woman named Le Thi Dong Phuong and an assistant staff  supporting for her is Nguyen Thi Dieu.

Tearful meals

Ms. Le Thi Dong Phuong strangled a boy on the morning of December 11th

7 am on December 12th, the door of Phuong Anh Private Kindergarten opened, many parents rushed to send their children and then immediately go to work. Leaving parents, many children cried in panic, insisted on returning home. 9:30 am, Dieu took the children from the house to the cement yard about 20m2 to feed them in the midday. In this back cement yard, some bigger children were shouted by Dieu to catch their bowls by themselves. Number of children who do not feed themselves, Dieu grabbed their necks and put them in some chair, fed the food spoons constantly.

After had eaten a few spoonfuls, a boy showed signs of vomiting and cried loudly. Dieu had eyes wide-open and put the bowl of porridge in the table, then used the left hand to squeeze the top of the baby’s head to the ground, the right hand bangged on his back, head and buttocks. The boy as soon as cried out and cried out. About a minute later, Dieu continued to press her lips together, hit six times to the boy’s two hands because of slow eating.

After the welcome welcome is the countless types of abuse that the ‘babysitter’ Article, Phuong for preschool children – Photos from video clips recorded on December 9th, 10th and 11th.

Therefore, the more the baby cried the more slowly he swallowed porridge, Dieu was angrier and beated him more intensively . In the process of feeding, she was also constantly raised hands on the head or just point fingers to the baby face to threaten.

Earlier morning December 9th, Dieu put a baby boy to sit on the chair to drink milk. Just for the first spoon of milk into the mouth, this baby crinkled his nose and vomitted into the milk cup. Although the baby cried loudly and coughed, Dieu still stayed calm and poured many spoon of milk into his mouth. Later, a same incident with another girl, Dieu fed her a bowl rice mixed water. Against the violence of Dieu, the girl just stood like burying her foot there, gasped to eat rice and swallowed not to chew. Tears ran down her nose cheeks to the corner of her mouth while she was eating.

In this way, when this spoon of rice was not finished yet, another spoon was pushed to press her inflated mouth and then automatically sprayed out. Immediately throwing a bowl of rice to the side, Dieu carried two arms upside down girls holding up the hair to put his head in the 1.5m high water drum barrel though the girl screamed hopelessly. In the process of immersing the girl in the drum, Dieu always shouted: “See? Do you scare? Do you scare?”. Half a minute later, Dieu tossed her to the ground and continued to feed rice constantly into her mouth.

Eat for … fear

In Phuong Anh Private Kindergarten, most of children were afraid of a teacher named Phuong because every time she fed, she used the barbaric “finger” practices such as get hold the nose, squeeze the neck, grab the baby head and shake like … doll. About 10:40 am on 10th December, 10-month-old girl with a thin body and a pale face, cried loudly because Phuong used her legs to clamp, put her head on the table, then got hold her nose to feed her milk.

The more girl struggled, the tightlier Phuong put her on thigh to pour milk into the mouth. After a while, the girl cried more, milk in her mouth outpoured constantly, Phuong always both cursed and put a towel seal in her mouth, nose, then grasp the girl’s head and shook dozens of times. When feeding, Phuong used a spoon but then poured a glass of milk into the mouth. Within 30 minutes, Phuong performed the strangulation, covered the nose and shook her head … girl dozens of times. At the end of the tear-filled meal, the little girl sat in a chair, her head was tingling, while her mouth was still crying in fear.

One boy both ate and cried.

On December 11th, Phuong continued to feed the three children, she sat in the chair and took the boy to stand to eat porridge. To avoid from being beaten, this boy have his eyes glued to the porridge bowl in the front and swallowed. Many times the boy wanted to vomit, she immediately used plastic whip to beat his foot, and used her hand to bump into the forehead, which cause the backwards fall of him. Sitting next to, many other babies fed by Dieu also cried because of the beat.

After this boy had finished eating, Phuong continued to carry a 10-month-old girl to the feeding room, then depressed her body on the table to feed her porridge. Just like the boy before, she did everything to feed this girl.

And so, with the innocent children, the days in the preschool became a terrible obsession with the brutal blows of the “teacher”.

Hoang Yen