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While swimming, his son shouted, “Save me,” he hurriedly carried in his arms, when going home to see the clip, the thrilling hand poked
January 09 2019, 8:43 AM
The 10-second video has attracted 5 million views after 13 hours posted, recording the scary scene that happened in a swimming pool.

Recently, the netizens are simultaneously spreading the clip that recorded the extremely frightening scene when the family is teaching their child how to swim.

According to the young mother’s share, everything was normal until their son felt uncomfortable. Realizing the abnormality in the son, the father immediately carried the child to the shore and in that moment, an extremely horrible hand popped up from the water as if wanting to grab the boy’s leg.

The observer could easily see at that time the pool was quite empty, the child in the clip appeared in a position close to the pool wall. If there were people under the water, the boy’s parents would feel.

From the screen shot, it could be seen that the hand had long fingernails, reminding the viewer of the hand of witches in fairy tales.

There are many mysteries that still exist in human life and the science can not explain. After watching the clip, many people expressed their anxiety and fear. Someone affirmed that this could be the cause of the heart-breaking drowning, besides, some people thought that this may be a photoshop product to create clips to attract the viewers.

However, no matter what this is, the netizens still believe that children should not be allowed to swim on their own so that they do not have to receive unfortunate accidents. Parents need to carefully observe the expression and actions of young children to promptly handle if any problems occur.

Watching video:

Video source: DKN.TV

Source: PJ

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