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Suturing the incision shut after birth, the doctor startled by the scream of the woman: ‘Please do not sew now!’
December 05 2018, 3:52 PM
The woman' scream made the doctors in the team to stupefy.

Mrs. Ming and her husband (living in China) are married in 2014 and had to try hard to finally get pregnant. The cause was identified because she had polycystic ovaries and Ms. Minh was prescribed medication to treat the disease later. However, two years later, they suddenly received the good news.

Having child after a long time of waiting and hoping, the couple was so careful. And the most anticipated day was coming. When there were signs of blood fluid, she was hospitalized immediately and the birth of the child was quite convenient.

Her son was born weighing up to 3.6kg and due to natural childbirth so her episiotomy was slit quite long. When the baby was taken to other room for cleaning the blood and fluid and the doctors were sewing the episiotomy for her, the mother shouted: ‘Doctor, please do not sew now!’

All the maternity delivery doctors at the moment stopped and asked the reason, Mrs. Ming said there seems to be another baby in her abdomen. She still felt the movement of the fetus.

At this point the doctors have carefully checked and told her there was no longer any baby, she was pregnant only one baby. The phenomenon of abdominal captivity was still moving due to postpartum spams of uterus that made her feel like the fetus was still in the abdomen.

Doctors also said that not only Ms. Ming has this feeling but many mothers also wondered why after giving, the baby was still like in the belly. This phenomenon is simply called Phantom Fetal Movements or Phantom Kicks. While some women hid this feeling because they thought they were thinking too far, many women said they still felt the fetus moving in the abdomen despite holding her baby in her arms.

Phantom Kicks symptoms are similar to fetal movements when you are pregnant in mid-pregnancy. The only difference is that you no longer carry your baby in the abdomen. These feelings are very similar to those of pregnant mothers with stillbirth or miscarriage.

Although this phenomenon is quite common with postpartum women, however, up to now there has been no medical explanation yet to make women satisfied.

Kim Ngan Do

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