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Supreme Cuisine: Chinese netizens are terrified with beef hot pot adding matcha, pearl and biscuit
January 24 2019, 9:24 AM
Luckily, the nightmare dish is only in China recently.

In winter, it’s time to gather some of your friends and sit around the hot pot to enjoy the cold weather. However, if you do not mind, let me introduce a new type of hot pot that is only available in China – the hot pot dish that is causing the storm of international social networking recently.

Firstly, the viewer will see pictures of boiling pots with baffles 2 types of water that are already familiar to the customers. But the special thing is that while one side of the hot pot is green (color of matcha tea), the other side is white with a piece of thistle floating on the surface. Ah yes! Is a piece of durian!

The durian itself was an enemy to some people who could not bear the scent of it. So how terrible is it when combined with American beef?

Also, when netizens are scared with the hot pot, the clip continues with the ingredients are stuffed into the green water, respectively: Pearl – Oreo cake – Sweet potato.

And netizens have gone mad with this peculiar hot pot:

“I’ll tell the police.”

“Why? Why? Why?”

“Eat this dish, and be quite sure that your friend named Diarrhea will stick with us for a long time!”

Xuan Tr


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