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The super trained cats perform exciting routine on America's Got Talent
August 08 2018, 4:21 PM
Even non cat-lover can't stop watching this video over and over again.

We are no longer strange to see animals doing circus performances such as monkeys, bears, dogs and so on. However, cats doing such things seems rare and unimaginable. On America's Got Talent this year, a mind-blowing performance has been done by super talented cats.

They are the cutest circus performers ever

These lovely cats can jump through the rings and climb on metal frame skillfully that makes everyone open-mouthed. Especially at the end, the cat even jumped from very high above to the ground and was safely caught by the trainers.

They can even perform dangerous stunt

Everyone gave both the trainers and the cats huge applause and compliments for their not only cuteness but also talents that even human can't do.

The audiences got surprised every time the cats move

Watch video:

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