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Super husband of the year award will definitely go to this man!
September 13 2018, 10:41 AM
Where can I get a husband like this, pretty please?

Times have changed, and education and careers no more remain the domain of men alone. But it seems times have remained stuck in the Stone Age where cooking is concerned. Women are still the ‘absolute rulers’ in this department, or rather are ‘made to be’ — unless she works in restaurant where the chefs are mostly men.

However, his is the year 2018, so listen carefully: Men must cook to build a happy marriage.

Why are you taking the noodle from me?

To make you a five-star meal

But when he finished the dish, she’s already ordered a greasy, cheesy and delicious pizza

He is so passionate about cooking his beloved wife superb meals that sometimes, he even spends the whole day thinking about what to cook for the next day. This water melon is a clear example!

She said, just a scoop, okay, she keeps her words. But look at the scoop’s size…

And he easily turns the water-melon into a Instagram-star dessert

He even brings her enormous scoop! How cute is that?

And when us woman doing skin care?

He take the cucumber she is using to hydrate her skin

And turns it into delicious sushi

How lovely is that? How many people did she save in her past life to have such husband?

They say a way into a (spouse)’s heart is through their stomach. This husband has taken it to a whole new level for his wife.

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