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If your suitcase has a red circle sticker, store it immediately if you don’t want an accident
February 10 2019, 8:44 AM
If you see the red circle sticker on the suitcase, immediately tear it off!

Types of suitcases, travel bags have been born for a long time, associated with the history of tourism and hotels. These products are intended to meet the needs of preserving people’s belongings when moving from one place to another place.

Suitcases are very popular on the merchant’s flights today. If you regularly travel by plane, choose a suitcase with a moderate size will be a perfect decision. With the suitcase in hand, you will arrive at the door of control quickly and conveniently than ever before.

Will the whole family participate in the tour or do you have to attend a long meeting? Vali will be your worthy companion.

Owning large compartments for users to bring a lot of clothes, personal items, hygiene …, suitcases will reduce the time to check small bags when going up and down the plane.

If you are going somewhere far, you need to use a suitcase to store your luggage, be careful! Before using a suitcase to store things, you should check carefully to see if your suitcase has a red sticker like this! This is not a decorative sticker but a purchase icon. When the customs officers see this round red sticker, they will think you do business. So if this “uninvited guest” appears on the suitcase, tear it off quickly! Don’t get charged and then cry!

Source: Ezvivi

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