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The sufferings of people with car sickness and how to avoid getting car sick
January 17 2019, 3:43 PM
There's nothing that will put a damper on your road trip more than carsickness.

Car sickness is a common phenomenon when you travel on cars causing uncomfortable feelings to your body. Although this illness is not dangerous, it greatly affects the quality of life, making you dare not travel because of the feeling of car sickness.

Due to the psychology of people on the phenomenon of car sickness as an obsession, they just see or stand near the car, … to feel dizzy.

The picture series below will help you understand the sufferings of people with car sickness.

Tips from medical professionals:

  • Move to the middle in the back seats, or preferably the front so you can see the road ahead
  • Drive smoothly and avoid sudden braking and harsh acceleration
  • Distract those suffering from carsickness
  • Drink cola, eat ginger biscuits, and avoid coffee
  • Use a pillow or head support to keep your head as still as possible
  • Use air conditioning to keep the air circulating

Have a nice trip!

Designer: Luong Hoang

Kim Ngan Do


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