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Suddenly pushed by friend from the 18-meter-high bridge, 16-year-old girl breaks her ribs and gets lung perforation
August 10 2018, 3:31 PM
The girl who lives in US nearly lost her life after the sudden fall from a bridge to the water surface.

The accident occurring recently in Washington, US is the reminder for the lack of understanding of many young people. Jordan Holgerson, 16, and her friends were on a bridge on the Lewis River in Vancouver, Washington to have fun. The group wanted to try some thrills when decided to jump from the bridge nearly 20 meter high to the water stream below..

  The girl was reluctant then suddenly was pushed from behind

In the video clip, Holgerson ( in red swimsuit) stood outside the bridge rail to prepare to jump down. While she was reluctant to jump, a girl behind her started the countdown “3, 2 …” and suddenly pushed her while she was unprepared.

She had several injuries after the fall

Instead of falling the right way, the 16-year-old girl plunged into the water with her limbs under control as the sudden drop. Not only Holgerson, the action of her friend standing behind also surprised people around. Seeing there was something wrong, the team quickly swam to save her and took her to a nearby health center.

Ashley Mahree, who recorded the video said: “This action can be considered a crime, I think she (who pushes Holgerson) needs to be responsible in some way.”

After a horrible fall, 16-year-old girl got 5 fractured ribs, perforation lung but still alive. The owner of the push has apologized to Holgerson for her action. “She will take a very long time to recover, and that friend (who pushed Holgerson) should review herself and know where her fault is. My daughter nearly died. The victim’s mother said with anger.

The place of accident

The local police investigate the incident and it is unclear whether Holgerson’s friend has to face charges. However, the police Ben Peeler said the jump action from the bridge is also illegal.

Sometimes, in life, just a little thoughtless action can result in unpredictable outcome, especially from teenagers who are in their ages of expression and thinking.

Watch video:

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