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Successful husband, beautiful wife and adorable twins, this Asian family are making netizens green with envy
January 09 2019, 8:49 AM
The 4-member family is supposed as "dreaming family" that anyone admire.

Recently, online community are sharing happy pictures of a family. The husband is dignitary possessing elegant appearance. The wife has an extremely beautiful face and a “hot” body that draw all attention. They have super cute twins. This is really ideal family model that many people desire. But factor makes the photos “hot” is the close connection and affection clearly shown.

In 2017, this family also makes a “fever” in social media.

They call themselves “Sanchez family”. The breadwinner of this family is Judd Sanchez, the IT specialist who has taken on important positions in big corporations. He is a successful man with high income, a happy family and a beautiful wife, lovely children. Is it a dream that many men want to reach.

Judd Sanchez is a Filipino but was born in America.

What Judd made people admire was the love for his beautiful mate. He does not mind sharing responsibility for taking care of kids with his wife. In every photos, Judd looks at his wife with affectionate, protective and full of love eyes. Perhaps it is reason of Judd’s partner always appears with a youthful, beautiful appearance. Someone once said, “Woman are the reflection of the man she love.” It is true in this case.

The mother of two children cause netizen envy with the irresistibly sexy beauty.

Sonya Davison was born in Thailand, she is a model and a TV host. Her Instagram account currently have more than 306 thousand fans all over the world. Sonya really makes others jealous because of her full life.

Most of the photos, Judd Sanchez always gave Sonya a look full of love.


Want to know a man in love, look at his eyes.

The two angles of this happy family are Tristan Eduardo Sanchez and Raiden Jodel Sanchez. If the parents attracted attention by their beauty, the twins make fans “crazy” of their cuteness.

April 29, 2016 “Sanchez family” officially welcome two small members.

So adorable the twin are!


The admirable family are now  living in Singapore. Let’s see more photos of them!


Sonya before and after giving birth.


Beautiful couple!

Despite having 2 kids, Sonya still keep a super model’s body as a girl.


Family goal is here!

Lan Le



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