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Stuffed snail eyes, thick lips, rough forehead, the girl was badly insulted after showing her real appearance 
January 16 2019, 8:46 AM
Make-up really has incredible power that can turn an ugly girl into a pretty girl.

Today, girls can’t go out on a date without makeup. Thanks to make-up, even the most ugly girl in Thailand has become better-looking.

Mayan Sun was a famous phenomenon on the social network. She was the object used by netizens to make images because of the disparaging appearance. Accordingly, Maya Sun Sun was known for her dark-skinned, thick lips and a non-harmonious face. Because of this beauty, Maya Sun Sun was mocked by the online community for a long time.

However, recently this girl has made the netizens surprised because she is too strange only thanks to trendy makeup. The chalk makes this girl pretty, much cuter than the usual rustic face.

Maya used to be a male student and she had to undergo many surgeries to live up to her gender.

Looking at this girl, everyone must be surprised to say that there are no bad women, only women who do not know how to beautify.

Xuan Tr


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