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Students are shocked when bathing and seeing terrifying objects that stick out of the the shower
January 27 2019, 9:16 AM
Recently, students at a university in Taichung, Taiwan, were shocked at strange objects sticking out of the shower when they were bathing.

These horror objects appeared in the bathroom located on the second floor of a student dormitory. While taking a shower, the students discovered the water gradually stopped dropping and heard some strange sounds from the shower. Looking at the shower, they just seemed to want get fainted when they saw strange black objects stalking out of the shower, like a giant spider or monster in a horror movie.

At that time, a student directed his eyes to look closely and he found that it was not a giant spider, but just a pinch of feathers trapped in the shower. In addition, in the laundry room, there were lots of bird feathers scattered in the washing bucket clinging to clothes.

Being too frightened, the students reported this incident to the school. After checking the water tanks, teacher discovered that there were many birds that lost their life inside. Perhaps these birds had entered the gap and drowned. Then, their feathers fell from the body and followed the stream of water down the bathrooms. There was no one knowing exactly how long they were there and the students had to bathe in the contaminated water.

The school said that every year they cleaned the tank twice. But after the horrific incident mentioned above, the sinks were washed away immediately.

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Vu Tam

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