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Strange woman has ability to rotating shoulder 180 degrees for utopian reasons
September 07 2018, 2:44 PM
Having a strange disease, the woman can rotate her shoulder to 180 degrees while the normal person is 90 degrees.

A 37-year-old Indian woman recently sought medical help after having difficulty using her left arm and shoulder pain for three months.

During the examination, the doctors found out that her shoulders were extremely soft, able to rotate 180 degrees from the chest to the back – double the 90 degree rotation for normal people.

After the screening, X-rays showed that the circular bone that connected the arm to her shoulders had disappeared, leaving only one fragment. Doctors at the Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences in India have tested for infection, hormonal as well as metabolic, but everything is in a normal state.

According to a British Medical Journal report, the long bone in the woman’s upper arm has disappeared. Initially, the team of doctors suspected of neurological disease caused but she has absolutely no symptoms associated. The lack of neurological symptoms causes an inhibition of the body, so doctors have diagnosed her with Gorham-Stout, an extremely rare disease that causes bones to fade.

Currently, doctors have not yet found the cause of the disease and no genetic link of the disease has ever been discovered. People with this condition will develop abnormal growth of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, which can damage and break the bone.

Since there were no physical disabilities, the woman did not choose the surgical method to correct her shoulder. Due to the scarring of the disease, there is no medication to treat, so she has been doing aerobic exercise to form muscles in order to support the joint. After 1-2 years of follow-up, the condition does not worsen, so no further treatment is needed.

Gorham-Stout disease usually affects the ribs, spine, pelvis, skull, collarbone, and jaw bone most severely. Some people may get sore and swollen parts of the body quickly while others will only ache and get worse over time.

The most effective treatment nowadays is to focus on managing the symptoms of an individual. Some patients may require bone grafting to help the body improve, In some cases, the affected bone area may be surgically removed.

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