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Strange truth, regenerate to return a benefaction: 1-year-old baby first time met his mother in a previous life called the mom
December 06 2018, 4:09 PM
There are always mysterious things that science can not prove or explain.

There are always mysterious things that science can not prove or explain.

In an earthquake in Tainan, Taiwan two years ago, the Duy Quan building collapsed, the dead and injured a lot. The victims are given, the body is not healed. At that time, participated in the rehabilitation team of victims of Tran Tu Tuong and his wife Hong Tieu Tinh of the victims, one third was a child. Tran Tu Tuong’s wife also inherited a child, so when looking at the scene of childhood children who are not mature enough to have died, Tran Tu Tuong to wipe the tears of their bodies. Sorry to say to them: “Welcome to reincarnate at our house, be our children.” By the way, this sentence of Tran Tu later became the truth. At that time, Tran Tu Tuong had a son.

Years passed and they could not have children anymore. Tran Tu Tuong’s wife is expected to have another daughter, but after years of medical treatment are helpless, they also accept the fact can not force. In the process of recovering the victim’s body, one day Tran Tu Tuong dreamed of meeting a boy to find him to ask for milk. The next day after work, he discovered the victim was the child he met in the night before. So Tran Tu is the standard milk for children as required. Hong Tieu Tinh revealed that after finishing work on the body of the victim at Duy Quan Building, she knew she was pregnant. Hong also said during her pregnancy she had two dreams. For the first time, she dreamed that a baby ran and hit her stomach. For the second time, she dreamed that two boys waved goodbye to her hands. In the end, Hong give a birth, a lovely daughter.

Tran Tu Tuong’s wife and daughter

The origin of this daughter makes many people astound. When the Duy Quan building collapsed, the first saved person was taken out as a pair of father and son. However, when the father died, her 14-day-old daughter was taken to a hospital for a rescue but was stopped by her on the way. Later, it was discovered that the father and son were in a family of five, including parents, two sons and a daughter. The only survivor was Ms. Liu (mother), while four other members of her family were killed.

The story of the daughter’s rebirth is reported

Before the birth of her daughter, Liu Liu and her mother to visit the grave and her children. Standing in front of the ghost, Ms. Liu in mind to know if there is a chance to meet the children again or not, so she asked the yin and yang. Surprisingly, through inspiration and sound, she received a response from two sons, moreover, she was sure that her daughter would return soon. Strangely enough, when it was July, Ms. Liu received the “forecast” that in January next year her daughter will return, which is only half a year. Confirming that she can not be pregnant herself, so she continues to ask if her daughter will be born in another house right? Was it reincarnated or not? Ms. Liu also asked the details: Is born in Changhua or not? Are you born in the Tran family? Is he Tran Tu Tuong or not? Is it true that Hong Tieu Tinh? … The results are the answer is correct. So, Ms. Liu confirmed her daughter was reincarnated, and contacted to meet the couple Tran Tu Tuong.

Talk about husband and wife Tran Tu Tuong, when the test results determine accurately Hong Tieu Tinh is pregnant with a baby girl, the couple couple pieced together the dream, asserting that this baby girl definitely Pregnancy is a blessing, moreover all are foretold. First, Tran Tu Dreams see the child asking for candy; Next to Hong Tieu Tinh dream two children waving. Actually, the two children do not wave to Hong, but waving to his sister. Because of this coincidence, the couple decided to go to see Liu. After learning about Ms. Liu’s request to the yin-yang, the couple confirmed the girl’s arrival to report favor, and her daughter Tam Tam received her as foster mother. Totally, Tam Tam girl is more than one year of the phenomenon occurs. Although no one said that Ms. Liu is the adoptive mother, but right from the first time, baby Tam Tam called her “mother.” Very happy, Ms. Liu also consider heart as his intestines and love the baby more.

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