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The strange test of a young man when enrolling in a big company: The successful lesson everyone should know in life
February 12 2019, 9:41 AM
Before an interview with a large company, the young man suddenly met an old man with strange behavior. Unexpectedly, this conversation has transformed the life of a young man applying for a job

Strange meeting

On the day he came to the company to attend the job interview, the new graduate student suddenly encountered an old man who was rushing towards him. The old man took his hand, speaking in an exuberant voice:

“I finally found you! Thank you very much! Last time at Park X, it was you who saved my daughter when she slipped into the lake.”

The young student was bewildered for a few seconds, then honestly replied:

“Uncle, you must have found the wrong person. You are not the one who saved my daughter.”

The old man shook his head, asserting in a determined tone:

“That’s you! Definitely you! I’m not mistaken.”

Seeing the old man’s firm attitude, the young man patiently explained:

“It’s not really me. The park I said you haven’t come yet.”

Hearing these words, the old man loosened his hands, disappointedly sighing:

“Didn’t I get it wrong …”.

When the old man looked away from him, the young man saw him off for a moment and then walked away to the interview room.

After the interview that day, he received a phone notification saying he was successful. From that day on, the new graduate student officially became an employee at a company he had always admired and dreamed of for a long time.

Take a walk, on a beautiful day, the young man accidentally met the old man again at his own company. When he recognized him, he proactively greeted him, also kindly asked:

“Uncle, have you found a benefactor to save your daughter?”

“No. I still haven’t found him yet” – The old man replied softly, then quietly left.

The young man was a little sad because of this, and told his colleagues. Unexpectedly, the person he just heard has laughed:

“Do you see that the old man is pitiful? He is the chairman of the board of our company. The story of a girl falling into the water has been told by many people. Actually your house What does he do with a girl? ”

Hearing this, the young man asked back in a daze:


Seeing that his friend doubted his understanding, the colleague smiled and explained:

“Our president wants to use this situation to recruit talents. He always thinks that people who pass the test of new dignity are really talented people to be trusted”.

Honesty and sincerity will always help us succeed in life

Source: Webtretho

Hai Linh

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