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Strange object appears in corn making man ‘goosebumps’, but a savvy netizen says, ‘This is something very precious.’
January 25 2019, 4:45 PM
Corn is a favorite dish. However, have you ever eaten strange corn like this? Recently, a netizen shared that he had just bought corn and hardly had he peeled off its skin to boil when he found a strange phenomenon.

A strange gray object appeared on the corn that amazed him. The man did not know what it was so he took some photos and posted on social media, asking friends to figure it out. Unexpectedly, after seeing it, some netizens said, ‘This is a very precious thing.’

The man in the story shared that on the way picking his child up, he bought corn. But after feeling it off, the man was so amazed to have goosebumps. Then he asked around if someone knew what it was.

As can be seen, there is a dark gray object hanging on the corn which looks very much like a parasite. This strange object scared him.

Unexpectedly, after posting photos on the Internet, friends were excited to say, ‘New corn products?’ ‘It is said to be edible, but I do not dare to eat.’ ‘Is it a gulp by an insect?’ ‘It’s like a rat holding corn.’ ‘Is this a mushroom?’ ‘This is black corn pollen, I heard it can be eaten but it looks scary.’

And there was a savvy person cleared it out,  ‘This is black corn pollen, before turning into black it can be cooked and eaten normally. Its taste is like a mushroom. This is what Mexican call Mexican Mushroom. The price of this fungus is very high so the Mexican farmers often let it develop on corn’s body.”

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Nguyet Hang Do

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