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The story of a pregnant mother dog crying every day at the corner of the road make millions of people burst into tears
June 19 2018, 3:25 PM
It's hard to accept the fact that her mother died, the story of the pregnant dog will touch you.

Watching video:

When animals express feelings and show emotion, that will melt our hearts. The story of the mother dog coming to give birth and the pain she had gone through will make anyone anxious to think.

The dog sat back and looked back at where her family was killed.

This mother was about to give birth but no one was around. Every day, she always comes to the old road to look in one direction and burst into tears. Because it was here that she saw her family be killed. It is a great obsession and pain, even if she is an animal.

Maybe she is sitting there and waiting for her mother to return. Look, her feet are having problems and she was in the last days of pregnancy. It was difficult, but the mother does not want any help. She always avoids people and suffers pain in isolation.

She cried…

Those who witnessed this story not be able to hold tears. Forcing the people in the relief team to use the blanket to keep it and brought back the “pitiful” mother. However, her first puppy was born and died of fainting.

Try to avoid any help.

The doctor decided to operate and took three puppies from the womb. But there is only one puppy left alive. Fortunately, the mother and puppy were adopted by a good woman.

The story of a mother dog being left alone after her family died, has received millions of views. Many people have shed tears.

The dog tried to give birth alone.

After getting help, she kept a puppy.

After all, living side by side and seeing your loved ones everyday, is the most precious happiness any creature wants..

Dieu Linh

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