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Stop thinking of travelling to Australia if you do not want to see these strange and scared animals
November 27 2018, 3:20 PM
These images below can make you panic.

Australia is well-known for its rich biological system. In addition to the human-friendly animals, there are also a number of dangerous or scary animals.  These following photos can make you surprised because of their strange appearance. However, some of them look so cute and be sure that you just want to hug them!

It can be sure that you have never seen some of them and they can surprise you. However, Australia is still an ideal destination of many people who would like to experience the beauty and the biological system of this beautiful country.

The ”monster” has got no eyes and tiny mouth. 

Is it a gorilla? 

A fish???

A strange bat!

The with his ”long hair”. 

Cute pig!

The tiny fish with huge eyes.


Many parts of different animals on this animal.

The rabbit have the biggest ears. 

An angry cock?

A tiny fog on the back?

Xuan Tr

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