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Stop plucking hair with tweezers that leads to breast cancer, just by rubbing lemon is enough
October 09 2018, 11:16 AM
Pulling the armpit with the tweezers is very dangerous and cause loss of appetite that affects not only health but also unexpected consequences.

Habits of plucking hair with tweezers seem simple because they are very familiar to everyone but few know that this is the cause of the skin under your arm more and more ugly..

The tweezers with tweezers make the hairs grow faster, harder and more. Wounds in the skin under the arm due to irritation, rubbing by pulling the trigger to the armpits deep black, scarring to leave the scar heal. Not to mention if the tweezers are not thoroughly cleansed or do not clean the armpit properly after the spit, the bacteria easily penetrate into the pores causing hair folliculitis, pimples appear, pain pimples..

A few people know the harmful effects of plucking the armpit hair will make the sweat glands active, the gas released many pores, combined with dirt, external bacteria from which produce unpleasant body odor. . The most remarkable thing is that after using the deodorant, the deodorant will be used to make the chemical enter the pores into the body and increase the risk of cancer.

To protect the health as well as the area under the arms but still ensure the problem of root hair removal, please refer to the recipe below. Only with familiar ingredients like lemon, yogurt, turmeric powder will create a cleansing armpit hair while healing the wounds in the skin under the arm by plucking the armpit hair.

Prepare materials:

– 1 fresh lemon.

– 3 teaspoons of fine starch.

– 2 teaspoons of yogurt without sugar.

– 1 cup of smooth salt.


– In the evening after the bath, you take the lemon cut in half. Add half of the fruit to the smooth salt and rub it under the armpit. After 5 – 10 minutes, rinse with warm water, this will help exfoliate, the hair weakens, thinning support armpit hair removal process is more effective. – Mix the saffron and yogurt in a small bowl, add the lemon juice and mix well into the paste mixture.

Lemon paste, turmeric powder and yogurt are applied to the skin under the arms. Wipe the waxing up and gently wipe. Can be replaced with thin paper. – After about 15 – 20 minutes, peel the patch in the opposite direction of hair growth.

– Finally rinse with clean water.

Applying this formula twice a week, the hairs will fall off and disappear. If it grows, it will be much less than before.

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