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Stop plucking your armpit hair or else you’d have breast cancer – use flour instead
August 11 2018, 11:26 AM
Many pluck their armpit hair so that they can wear clothes confidently. However, should we tweeze out sensitive skin area?

Many choose tweezing as solution for the armpit area. However, plucking can make your armpit area darken and hurt. Moreover, the growing hair become harder and bigger. In summertime, this method also make our smell more unbearable.

Also, plucking your armpit hair can damage the skin due to the tweezer’s sharpness. Using stick or aerosol right after tweezing can cause blood infection. The bacteria can get into pores which causes your skin to get irritated which leads to pimples or worse.

When these pimples are broken, the injury can infect the surrounding area. Yet, the most dangerous risk is that chemicals in armpit smell treatment can go into your blood, causing breast cancer.

Therefore, you should look for other method to get rid of your armpit hair. Using flour is a convenient ans smart way. You will need:

1. A pinch of flour or rice flour

2. An egg white

3. A lemon or lime

Step 1: Mixing all the ingredient well until it goes smooth. If your mix is too loose, add more flour.

Step 2: Clean your armpit area with warm water. Apply the mixture onto your skin.

Step 3: Gentle massage the mixture onto your skin. Then, leave the mixture for 15 minutes and waxing it out.

Step 4: Clean your armpit area with cool water so all the pores can be smaller.

This recipe is not only apply to the armpit area, but the arm and leg’s area also. It helps weaker the hair’s root and brighten the skin’s area.

If you use this recipe right and regular, this this what you got!

If you don’t follow, okay but what this:


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