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Stomach-churning footage shows daredevil Chinese man eating live leeches as they wriggle around on his chopsticks
December 06 2018, 4:02 PM
Bizarre footage posted online recently shows the moment a man in China tucks into a meal of squirming leeches.

The man can be seen using chopsticks to dip three leeches into a small plate of oil in a restaurant thought to be in southern China.

The excited diner can be heard saying ‘Wow, they are so yummy!’ in Cantonese, a dialect spoken in southern China.

A man can be seen using chopsticks to dip three leeches into a small plate of oil

It’s a real challenge to hold the leeches, still alive and wiggling, using the two sticks. Some leeches was left squirming in the plate of oil

In the video posted online by Weibo user Lie QI Xiao Dao Dan, the man can be seen struggling to keep hold of the leeches with his chopsticks.

The animals are still alive and wiggling as the man tries to keep control using the two sticks.

A female diner can be heard saying: ‘They are good quality. They are still moving!’

The man, struggles to capture the final leech which fell in the small plate of oil.

He says: ‘Two leeches are not enough. Let me get a third one. It has to be big.’

The man then picks up a fat worm from a big plate of purple and red coloured leeches.

The man then turned to big plate of leeches to pick up another fat worm

The man tries to show off the freshness of his food. He says: ‘Let them move a bit first. Otherwise people will say they are dead.’

The video then cuts to a close up of the man opening wide to eat more of the leeches.

He then gives a thumbs up before the video ends.

The video then came with a close up of how the man opened his mouth big to enjoy the fresh food

The clip, posted on October 22, is believed to be taken in a restaurant in southern China, home to Cantonese cuisine.

Cantonese cuisine virtually includes all edible food in addition to the common staple of pork, beef and chicken, Xinhua reports.

Other than leeches, a diverse species of worms and insects are common Cantonese dishes, including cockroaches, water beetles, cicada, according to the report.

However, most are cooked and processed before eating.

Watch video:

Video credit: Weibo

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