Stir-fried tofu with mushroom sauce
September 14 2018, 5:11 PM
Easy Stir-fried tofu with mushroom sauce recipe only in 15 minutes. Let's do it now!


- Tofu: 2

- Straw mushroom: 50 g

- Seasoning powder: 1 tsp

- Chilli powder: 1 tsp

- Oyster sauce: 1 tbsp

- Chili paste: 1 tsp

- Water: 210 ml

- Cornstarch: 1 tbsp

- Green onion: 30 g


- Step 1: Cut tofu into pieces, fry.

- Step 2: Heat cooking oil, add chopped straw mushroom, seasoning powder, chili powder, oyster sauce, chili paste and stir. Add 200ml water then boil.

- Step 3: Dissolve cornstarch with 10ml, pour into the sauce.

- Step 4: Put fried tofu into the sauce. Add 30g green onion and mix.

- Step 5: Put on a plate and enjoy!

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Minh Thuy

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