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If you still letting your kids using phones, tablets which are on wifi, you probably will be shocked to see these frightening images!
August 09 2018, 4:57 PM
Due to young age, kids still lack of structure and neurological functions, long-term exposure to Wi-Fi can interfere with both physical and mental growth and development of children

Radiation from wireless electronic devices is currently classified the same class as lead and pesticide which are reasons lead to cancer. The impact of Wi-fi on children’s brains from the first contact until tumor formation can last for decades.

But wi-fi is now more popular than ever and penetrates every corner of the home, which is considered the “cell” of society. From phones, tablets, to PC gaming hardware, or smart toys, most are based on wi-fi technology. Long-term exposure to radiation may pose a potential risk.

Some direct effects of Wifi on children:

Increase the heart rate

According to the scientists, people living in environments with multiple wireless or 3G, 4G, cellular phones will experience a physical response to electromagnetic frequencies. The reactions here are similar to those of a stressed person.

Limited growth

A study from a group of Danish students has carried a test of how the wireless routers affect on the kale. The results show that those which were planted near the routers have showed no signing of growing.

Fetal malformation

Pregnant mothers who frequently exposed to radiation from cellular radio and wifi may be at high risk of developing an abnormal or even deformity babies. The body parts may grow abnormally. This is the result of a research in 2014.

Frequent insomnia

Insomnia will happen often if you always leave the bedside phone. The radiation of mobile and wifi pose great impact on the brain, resulting in constant insomnia.

Memory decline

Many scientific researches have shown that under the constant effects of wifi, the function of the brain changes dramatically, thus impairing memory especially in women.

Dizziness, headache

The first reaction of the body when exposed for too long wifi is headache, dizziness. For that reason, those who work in a continuous wifi environment should spend some time resting if they do not want to strain their minds.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Hàng triệu cha mẹ Việt hoảng sợ vì lâu nay đã cho con ở trong phòng có sóng Wi-fi

Interrupted protein synthesis

In addition, according to a 2009 study by Austrian experts, wireless waves could disrupt protein synthesis, most clearly in the growth tissues of children and adolescents.


Wifi also is potential reason for cancer. This is really a controversial issue. We can’t deny some models of animal studies that exposure to electromagnetic radiation increases the risk of tumor growth.

Kieu Anh

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