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Still is coca, still is peanut but American have a unique way no one expected to enjoy them
August 06 2018, 9:30 AM
Sweet flavor from coca with salty, crunchy peanuts. All in one - unique flavor.

Familiar, easy to drink so there are many styles to enjoy them but a unique combination between Coca Cola and peanuts below will surely surprise you.

Adding salted peanuts in a coke bottle to enjoy both flavors at once is a long tradition in the Southern United States. Don’t know who came up with that idea, but from historical studies back in the 1920s, when packaged peanuts appeared and Coca Cola was gradually gaining popularity in this area.

There are many theories that is this invention is due to the lazy attitude of the car mechanic. When the hands are dirty and greasy, but want to eat some peanuts, an idea had came up, put peanuts into Coca Cola bottles and drink directly. It quite funny, not only can enjoy the crunchy peanuts but also can reduce the thirstiness.

In that way, Coca Cola bottles filled with peanuts are more gradually to appear in the workplace, garage and also as part of the long haul. Even people from the South considered this a ritual and named it Coke-and-peanuts.

The interesting combination between two familiar snacks is what makes people enjoy. Coca Cola is sweet, cool and the peanuts is salty and crunchy. The sweetness and saltiness exploded in your mouth.

It is not difficult to make this drink, the best choice is cold coca, you should drink first sip to make space for the peanuts and add just right amount salted peanuts and wait them to sank at the bottom. And after that just drink and enjoythe peanuts slowly fall into the mouth.

Nowadays, this tradition is gradually forgotten when many delicious dishes were born, but drinking Coca Cola with peanuts is a beautiful memory of many generations of Southerners in United States will miss when think about.

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