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Steven Zhang, 27-year-old president of Inter Milan, who is son of the Chinese billionaire, is handsome as an actor and brilliant talent
January 14 2019, 9:10 AM
Zhang Kangyang -- more commonly known as Steven Zhang -- has been named as Inter Milan's new president, replacing Erick Thohir.

Being the son of one of the richest billionaires in China, the young master Zhang Kangyang (Steven Zhang) has never relied on the blue blood background that he himself learned, rose to and won immensely respectable achievements in both. study and career. Not only that, he owns with a handsome and trustworthy appearance that made any girl wants to fall in love with.

On October 26, 2018, the name Zhang Kangyang (Steven Zhang) appeared all over the sports and entertainment newspaper. The man born on December 21, 1991 was officially appointed as the new president of the famous Italian football club, Inter Milan. He is the youngest president in the club’s 110-year history.

Speaking to shareholders at the appointment ceremony, the 27-year-old guy said: ‘Today I am extremely proud to lead the club into a new era. I feel responsible for satisfying the passion of millions of fans around the world and I am willing to accept the challenge as president of this 110-year-old historic club. ‘

With a new role, Steven Zhang focuses on the performance of the team, tries to bring them to the highest position in the country and over the world. Outside the football ground, he plans to turn Inter Milan into a ‘giant’ like on the ground. ‘We have to build strong commercial and marketing skills, further strengthen the management team,’ he said.

Inter Milan club was bought by Steven Zhang’s father , billionaire Zhang Jindong in 2016. Steven Zhang was assigned to manage the club completely since he was 25 years old and by the age of 27, he was appointed president. Steven Zhang has a strong passion for football and is also a talented manager.

In the passage of financial results at the club’s shareholders meeting in fiscal year 2018, the results show the growth trend in the past 2 years under the leadership of Zhang Kangyang. Legal revenue is 349 million Euro, an increase of 9% compared to 2017 and an increase of 45% compared to 2016.

It can use a perfect word to describe Steven Zhang. His image when appearing in the press is always handsome and elegant. Above all, Steven Zhang is famous for being the only son of billionaire Zhang Jindong, the owner of Suning.com, Suning Holdings Group and a series of other subsidiaries. According to Forbes ranking, Zhang Jindong is the 403 richest billionaire in the world and 28th in China with total current assets of about 4.1 billion USD.

Born in rich family, but Steven Zhang himself is also a talented guy. He attended Nanjing Language School (China), when he was 15 years old, his family took him to study at Mercersburg Academy, America’s leading boarding school.

After graduating, Steven Zhang was invited by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Duke University but eventually chose to study finance and receive a bachelor’s degree in economics at Wharton School of Pennsylvania University, USA.

Before founding a career with Suning, he used to work as an analyst in the Morgan Stanley Investment and Capital Markets division. Here, he is an expert in the field of Initial Public Offering (IPOs) and Mergers – Acquisitions (M & As). It was these experiences that helped him later take over the family business.

Steven Zhang is currently the president of Suning International, the overseas branch of Suning Group. In addition, he is a member of the UEFA Club Competition Committee. He has been recognized as one of China’s most influential young business leaders and has appeared on Fortune China’s ’40 Under 40′ list for two consecutive years.

Despite of being wealthy, Steven Zhang did not show off of play the whore. On the personal SNS, he only regularly posts images of Inter Milan club and some personal photos when participating in activities. The young man is always associated with an elegant suit, highlighting the handsome as an actor but very gentle.

Rarely, people see Steven Zhang update the travel photos, super cars or brand name shoes he owns. Steven Zhang deserves to be one of the most talented and perfect young man in the country.

Kim Ngan Do

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