Would you steal money from a blind man? – social experiment

Posted on 06-08-2018.

A social experiment was conducted to check whether people dare to steal the money of the blind man.

There are moments that man will not control greed. An experiment was conducted to test human lust. Will you dare to steal the money of a blind man?

A youtube channel -Comedy Heaven  filmed  a social experiment: He posed as a blind man and He  asked people for changing for $5 bill but He will be hold them the $50 bill so let’s see whether people will take advantage of the situation !

He experimented with many people on the street and the results were unexpected!

He asked an elder man for changing for $5

The old man realized this was not $ 5, It was $ 60 He took the money and walked away quickly

In the same case, the girl honestly told the “blind man” that this was not $ 50!

The man also tried to help this “bind man”!

It’s a shame when you dare to steal money from a blind man.

Thanks to the meaningful content , this clip has attracted more than 10 million views and a lot of comments of netizens.Here are some expressions about this clip:

“That’s the proof of how selfish we are…this is what actually destroys us as humans. We love money more than anything else in the world, that we are able to let the others starve so we can live a ”better” life.”

“I can’t believe that some people are capable of doing that!!!”

“it’s so bad that they pretend to be nice and trusting as well ”

Watching video:

Phuong Thao