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When staying at home or go to the hote, you always have to lock the door with the key, After knowing the reason you must startle because of being too dangerous
February 11 2019, 2:10 PM
Unexpectedly, the door to the "defensive" area of ​​the whole house was an extremely easy place to penetrate

Especially women who rent a room alone or children, the elderly often stay at home during the day, should pay more attention to lock the door carefully, avoid tending to create favorable conditions for predators.

As described below, just using a cellophane with a hole in it, guys with their health have opened the door to close automatically inside within 30 seconds, too dangerous!

Seeing these things with your own eyes, do you feel extremely wary, sure, stealing is now too sophisticated, just a little open, we have become good prey for bad guys.

So whether it’s at home or in the hotel, the hostel makes sure you lock the door with the key. When staying at a hotel, the biggest mistake that many people make is not locking the door, watching this video, you probably won’t dare to do that anymore!

Cat eyes are also easy to be a tool for bad guys to break into your home, your room, and follow the 3 steps to steal using anti-theft cat eyes against ourselves.

Thieves use homemade tools to remove the lid of the eye eye on the door, revealing the gap

Then they quickly put the homemade tool through the hole into the room

Only at a glance the door was completely neutralized

How to make your home safer

Install additional locks

The apartment door is usually fitted with a pano-lock (lock type with a handle). Therefore, we can install a circular lock, also known as a “lock toad”, with technology and different modes of operation with a pin lock, increasing the safety of the apartment.

Replace with more secure locks

Electronic door lock has a very advanced security technology, replacing the traditional lock because there is no need to carry the key to easily lose and it is likely that the picker will take advantage to break in. Electronic lock has various opening methods such as codes, magnetic cards and fingerprints. Electronic lock also has an intrusion prevention system. When there is an illegal intervention such as locking the lock, prying the lock, it will sound with a deafening sound enough to make the man run away.

Install shaped doorbell

A doorbell can help homeowners observe and talk to visitors to ring the bell. So owners can take the initiative in welcoming visiting guests. At the same time, it may be possible to refuse strangers to avoid inconvenience or proactively notify the guard when suspicious.

Experts also recommend that you should not worry too much, as long as each of us enhances our vigilance, be careful when locking the door, no valuable map is negligent, minimizing the possibility of a bad intruder. At the end of the New Year, everyone is extremely cautious, avoiding the unfortunate incident.

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