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Startled 6-month-old child infected with parasites in eyes! Doctor reveals reasons make mother cry
August 11 2018, 10:00 AM
When seeing the baby cry, painful and constantly rubbing his eyes, the mother began to notice then discover of strange creatures in her eyes.

The 6-month-old Hoan Hoan, from Wuhu, Anhui province, China was taken to hospital by her mother in an itchy state and repeatedly rubbed her eyes. Initially, the mother of the baby said that because of dirt, she was annoyed. However, when the baby was crying and painful, the mother began to notice the discovery of strange creatures in her eyes.

Worried about the health of Hoan Hoan, her mother rushed to check the eye at Nanjing Pediatric Hospital. Here, deputy director – Doctor My Phuong who directly examined the baby said that there are 5 live worms parasitic in the eye leading to itching, discomfort. Doctor require mother let baby stay in the hospital and perform the surgery right away otherwise it will directly affect the baby’s vision.

Five live worms parasitize the 6-month-old baby in China. (Photo Sina)

Accordingly, after the anesthetic, the doctor quickly took out 5 worms about 1mm in diameter, 1-3 cm in length from the eyes of Hoan Hoan. The operation was successful, the baby was came home, the doctor prescribed antibiotics and returned to the clinic after 20 days.

Why do 6-month-olds have parasites in their eyes?

Although the surgery was good, mother Hoan’s still wondering why her baby might be in danger.

Doctor My Phuong explained that five worms were removed from the eyes of the common roundworm parasite in the eyes and related tissues of birds and mammals such as cats and dogs. Have worm eggs in soil or water contaminated with dog feces.

At this time, Hoan Hoan’s mother remembers, the last time she took her children home a few days. Her family does not bring any animals but the neighbor has a dog. She often takes her to play so she may be infected from there.

Notice the hygiene issues when you have pets

Doctors recommend that families who have pets such as dogs and cats should clean, bathe, deworm and wash their hands with soap after contact with them.

In particular, families with children should pay attention to hygiene and not allow too much exposure to pets. The immunity of young children is so weak that the risk of disease is higher than that of adults. In addition, mother should prepare baby towels, bath tub and absolutely do not rub the eyes.

Do not let children their eyes by hand, and wash their hands before and after eating. (Illustration)

For older children, the mother needs to monitor, actively practice washing habits before and after eating to ensure hygiene. If your baby often rubs their eyes, suspected parasitic maternity must be taken to the hospital as soon as possible.

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