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Split tongue – Bizarre trend that is easy to leave complications and terrible consequences
December 17 2018, 9:42 AM
The strange beauty of tongue splitting in half can cause infections, nerve damages and many unforeseen consequences.

Split tongue is a game originated from Japan. Anyone who has “crazy blood” in the body can play this. Splitting the tongue in half, turning the tongue into the tongue shape of a lizard become as a phenomenon among young people in many countries. In order to “beautify” in this bizarre way, many people have to suffer the hard-to-imagine pains.

To have these unique tongues, they have to endure serious pains

They used a sterilized scalpel and then place it in the middle of the tongue and cut from the tip of the tongue to the end of 2/3 of the tongue. The tongue, which is split in half, will be sewn along the cutting edge to prevent the two tongues from sticking together.

They look pretty “cool” when have these tongues

Normally, the wound on the tongue after being split in two will heal after 1-2 weeks, however many cases may encounter terrible aftermath for the body.

The aftermaths can be extremely dangerous for them

Watch video:

Health experts warn that when used in different ways to split the tongue, you may experience terrible consequences for the body. You may have blood loss, infection, nerve damage, difficulty in breathing and swallowing, even psychological damages.

But many people still invest for their weird desire

No reputable surgeon can do this type of cleft lip surgery because it is too risky. In England and Wales doctors performing this surgery are considered illegal.

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