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Spicy Coconut milk clam
October 10 2018, 5:26 PM
It’s full of spicy red chili and sweet coconut milk to create the perfect sweet and spicy seafood combination.


Clam: 700g

Seasoning powder: 0.5 tbsp

Fish sauce: 1.5 tbsp

Minced garlic: 1 tbsp

Monosodium glutamate: 0.3 tbsp

Lemon leaf: 20g

Coconut milk: 60ml

Pepper: 0.3 tbsp

Lemongrass: 30g

Water: 70ml

Sugar: 2 tbsp

Coconut: 100g


Step1: Stir fry minced garlic with cooking oil.

Step2: Pour water, coconut cream, clam, seasoning powder, monosodium glutamate, pepper, sugar, fish sauce, lemongrass, lemon leaf, coconut and stir until well done.

Step3: Served into a plate and enjoy!

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Phuong Linh


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