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Spending 500 million married disabled girls, everyone jeer but the wedding night she do one thing makes me extremely surprised
January 18 2019, 8:29 AM
Everyone scolds me for being stupid when deciding to take a disabled person like My, but they don't know that I really want to bring happiness to My.

Everyone scolds me for being stupid when deciding to take a disabled person like My, but they don’t know that I really want to bring happiness to My.

I was originally boy, also considered a hunter, having a stable job. I must say I have a long list of girls willing to become girlfriends in the phone. But when I publicly announced that I would marry My – a girl with right leg deformities, everyone was surprised.

Even friends who scold me are stupid, crazy. Tell me only the pit of the most strange time will be boring soon. Even though everyone said it, I still decided to marry My. Actually, I just met My again only 5 months ago, My is my brother Hung – my college friend. On that day, he and I were as close as brothers, it was also my hometown friend who played first.

But then the 3rd year summer vacation, the organization held out to the sea and it was that summer that year and it was forever apart. I, him and another one share a room in the inn, so I decided to invite each other to the sea for a early bathing, 3 kids but only he knows how to swim well so we believe in it completely. I and the other guy were able to play freely in the sea for the first time, so I was excited, just went out to play, and on the same day, the big waves were swept away.

After saving me, Hung continued saves Hung continues, but unfortunately both of them died to save the other person

After the funeral, Hung did not dare to return there again because I did not dare to look at his parents. They were so miserable when losing their son, I felt like a sinner. Every time I went to the death anniversary, my two friends went to the temple to pray for their souls to escape. Suddenly I met My again, she said her parents had died after an accident, but now she has to be in a wheelchair, but she still has to work to support her youngest sister to study.

The more I regret the guilt I made, decided to do something to give my nine-year-old friend no regrets for giving me life that day. So I decided to marry My and wanted to bring Hung’s youngest brother up. The cost of the wedding is quite expensive, about 500 million, my friends all say I’m stupid, spend money just to marry a lame girl, but I still decide to make a feast to treat my wife’s relatives, thank those who have help 2 My sisters after their parents died.

After the wedding, I took my wife to the city, my youngest brother wanted to stay in the countryside and continue to graduate from the university. So I sent money to my father-in-law’s uncle at home to support me, everyone agreed with that. I am happy to bring My to the city because I have finally done a good job, something useful. My story of marrying My mother is also completely unanimous.

Mom prepared for a romantic wedding room, My still shyly shyly pushed the wheelchair with me. Perhaps I know that I marry you because of love, not true love. I just sat in a wheelchair and dared not translate to sit on the bed. Seeing that, I thought that I could not bring myself up, so I tried to pick her up again and did not expect her to shake my hand.

“No, I don’t have to carry you anymore, I want to give you a surprise.” Saying My, she slowly picked up her body and stood up and took a few slow steps towards me. Oh god, I was able to stand up for myself. The first time I saw you do that, admiring your feet and walking, I jumped up and happily like you who just won the jackpot. I rushed to hug my wife tightly and said, “From now on, I will not have to suffer anymore, I will help you go more, follow me to the end of my life.”

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