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Spectacular journey to become a beauty pageant of an ugly duckling who got bullied for being fat
September 14 2018, 2:13 PM
Being bullied, alienated is definitely an uncomfortable feeling, it can even cause frightening negative consequences. However, sometimes from the bottom of the self-deprecated, people find the motivation to change themselves and shine brightly.

The spectacular story of Miss Earth Malaysia 2016, Joanna Joseph, is not a fairy tale, but it is a process of training effort, constantly trying.          Joanna, 21, is currently an English student at the Malaysian School of Management.

For Joanna, her high school years were a time of humiliation that she had to endure estrangement, ridicule, bullying by friends and even her cousins.

Joanna’s parents did not even know that their daughter was obese until it was too late.

Every morning waking up, just looking in the mirror is enough to make Joanna feel scared, and have negative thoughts. By the age of 16, when things got worse. Unlike many people, Joanna made a great decision that changed her whole life: to lose weight, to live a healthy life.

“I had to force myself, to sacrifice a lot of things in my life to get where I am today. Every day I go to the gym and following a strict diet which decides 70% of the success of weight loss.

“All these results are due to the effort I made without weight loss drugs. I’ve seen my mom use weight loss pills and how she struggled when she could not eat anything”.

The effort that Joanna took out the results deserved beyond expectations. Joanna becomes slimmer, she also has a good health, cheerful and more self-confidence.

With a beautiful appearance and confidence, Joanna began to become models and participate in beauty contests and won many awards.

Especially in 2016, Joanna was crowned Miss Earth Malaysia

Recently, Joanna continued to be a runner-up in the Miss International Malaysia 2018.

“For those who want to lose weight, I just want to say, all you need is determination and willpower,” Joanna said. “Thinking about what you suffered, who bullied you are also great motivations” “Appreciate and love yourself, that was something I did not understand before,” Joanna said. With her spectacular story, Joanna has been posting articles to help those who want to lose weight, she regularly encourages young girls to work hard to achieve their dreams.

Nguyen Mai Huong

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