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Special friendship of the boy and his puppy makes netizens crazy
September 24 2018, 3:00 PM
Molly and Aithan are a couple of friend from Korea that made netizens crazy for their friendship.

Molly is a puppy sent to Aithan as a gift by his mom’s friend. Since then, the 2 always sticked with each other.

They are close-knit wherever they go, whatever they do from going for a walk, amusing to taking a bath.  Aithan seems to be a big brother when he protects and takes care of  his “sister” Molly. At the same time, Molly also appeared to become attacked to her brother. Sometimes, Aithan and Molly also fall out when Molly makes Aithan cry but then they become friends again and continues to play with each other.

The lovely images of both when being shared on the social networks have gained great attention. Almost everyone admired the special friendship of the boy and his dog Molly. Let’s wish 2 of them could always keep this precious friendship!

Aithan and Molly

Watch video:

Video source: Bnews TV

Video source: Bnews TV

Vu Tam

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