Sour Spicy Duck Hot Pot
September 14 2018, 5:04 PM
Hot pot is a familiar and favorite dish of many people. Today, let's try Sour Spicy Hot Pot with Feedy!


- Duck: 1

- Lemongrass: 20g

- Ginger: 20g

- Garlic: 20g

- Shallot: 20g

- Bone broth: 2.3l

- Seasoning powder: 1 tbsp

- Soup powder: 2 tbsp

- MSG: 0.3 tbsp

- Pepper: 0.3 tbsp

- Fish sauce: 2 tbsp

- Sugar: 0.3 tbsp

- Goat horn pepper: 15g

- Carrot: 50g

- Tomato: 150g

- Pineapple: 120g

- Cashew nut oil: 40ml

- Split water spinach: 200g

- Napa cabbage: 200g

- Culantro: 1 bunch

- Green onion: 50g


- Step 1: Slightly beat and slice lemongrass, ginger, garlic, shallot then fry. Add 2.3l bone broth, 1 tbsp seasoning powder, 1 tbsp soup powder, 1/3 tbsp pepper, 2 tbsp fish sauce, 1/3 tbsp sugar to the pot.

- Step 2: When the water nearly boils, add 70g goat horn pepper, 50g carrot, 120g pineapple, 40ml cashew nut oil, 150g tomato.

- Step 3: Place the hot pot on table, eat with napa cabbage, split water spinach... Add duck, culantro, green onion to the pot and enjoy!

Watching video:

Minh Thuy

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