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Soaking your face 10 seconds with this water is better than spending billions going to the spa
February 12 2019, 4:00 PM
You do not have to go to the spa, your skin is still flawless and you can avoid acne by following this guide below.

Believe it or not, just soaking your face with soda water will help you to improve your pores and smooth skin. Actually, this is the beauty method of Korea, this method has detox skin effect. With 10 seconds of soaking, carbonated water will reduce the amount of excess oil, tighten pores, the skin is always youthful stretch.

Prepare materials:

– 1 bottle of carbonated water, soda or carbonated water, sparkling water.

– a plastic pot

Be advised not to use sugar or flavored water.

How to do:

– Dilute carbonated water and clean water in a ratio of 1: 1. For first time girlfriends may not be familiar, please add water to the face more comfortable without burns.

– Before applying, wash your face with cool water, remember to remove the face so that pores do not clog.

– Sneeze to air bubbles does not spill into the nose, soak in the water for about 10 seconds.

– After soaking, soak the skin with mild soap and wipe dry with a soft towel.

This method is suitable for those with oily skin, do it twice a week, and for those with sensitive skin, apply only once a week.

In addition, after washing your face, you can also use a cotton ball dabbed in carbonated water and then applied to face and do not need to rinse with clean water.

Apply daily in the evening before going to sleep.


In water, air bubbles will get into the pores and get rid of all the dirt, thus preventing the formation of acne while nourishing the skin smooth. In addition, carbonated water also contains no carbonic acid absolutely no toxic chemicals such as industrial cosmetics.

It is therefore possible to replace the exfoliating lotion with carbonated water at a pH of 2.5-5.5. When absorbed into the pores, the bubbles of carbonated water will provide oxygen to support the production of new skin cells.

Source: kienthuc

Hoang Ngan

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