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Snaring a giant python regularly eating cattle, people transfixed with the object in its stomach
December 27 2018, 10:31 AM
The python was thought to eat the calf so it was so full and laid still, locals urged each other to dissect it and found something surprising.

The giant python with its bulging stomach was found in a  small village in Florida.

According to the local press, villager’s cattle often lost mysteriously recently.

Therefore, when finding this giant python with its swollen stomach, residents here thought it was the one eating their cattle so they decided to open its stomach.

The python is 5 meters in length, weighing more than 100kg. Biology Associate Professor Scot Boback was the one who caught this dangerous animal and added: the appearance of python near residential areas is not only harmful to cattle and pets, but they can attack any human being at any time.

However, after dissecting the python, villagers were very surprised at the real reason causing the python’s stomach bulging.

Because of its swollen stomach, many people believed that whether it swallowed an animal or bearing hundreds of eggs. Until opening its stomach, people found no creature but skeletons which are not decomposed.

The nails and horns of goat intact in the python belly made many people dazed.

This is the python intestine in which they found hair, bones, teeth, and nails of all the ill-fated animals. These things clung to a bunch of intestinal obstruction, making python slow and harder to move. This image makes the most courageous people scary.

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