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This snake-face boy cameback full of change with his triplets… friends
January 29 2019, 11:39 AM
Taiwanese snake-face 'mutant' who once stirred up social networking sites reappeared with his friends ... twins and triplets.

Perhaps netizens are no stranger to the guy, Liu Zi, a guy from Taiwan who has the most “enduring vitality” on this social network. Although appearing like a meal on social networks, but the snake-faced guy – who has undergone three major surgeries – has always made netizens “horrible” with a sharp face and scared expression.

This is Liu Zi. Are you familiar with him?

This time, Liu Zi not come back alone but appears with his friends. And it is true that “playing with each other is often the same”, the photos of Liu Zi shooting with friends make the netizens panic because their faces are sharp and identical.

This girl’s breasts look scary.

As expected, it is the ‘best friend’ of the male face solid, two friends of Liu Zi when take the photos also possesses the appearance that is considered abusive to ridiculous software, editing apps. This girl had widened her eyes, slanted her face, and pumped her own chest and stretched her legs so that she distorted all the objects around.

Her chin in this photo is even sharper than in the previous photo.

These photos were posted by Liu Zi with the status: “Today you are the most beautiful Barbie Princess. Wishing Barbie a 15-year-old birthday. Love you”

It’s true that you choose “standard” friends to play with…

Netizens were bored with the sharing of photos of Liu Zi. They commented that “Didn’t accidentally see this picture in the middle of the night, but it was not different in the morning to meet ghosts in the daylight”, “It’s obsessive. And he even took a picture to the doctor to prove that he did not have plastic surgery. What is the need for cutlery intervention when I have photo editing software already? “…

Stretching her legs too clearly, curling all the objects around…

Another account commented, “Look, what kind of leg-stretching is twisted by people’s legs, or is the table bent by some supernatural power?”

Every time he shows his face, Liu Zi-ya makes the people’s soul go away. At one time, he even claimed that he was more beautiful than Wu Yi Fan.

His friend association also have similar photo editing

If you have never experienced the feeling of “soulfulness” when it is still bright, try looking through the photos of Liu Zi. If you see them in the evening, have fun.

And this is Liu Zi before going through three beauty restoration sessions.

Dieu Linh

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