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The smart French woman reveals 11 tips to make your look more elegant
January 06 2019, 8:55 AM
These simple tips below can make you look more elegant.

Women who live in Paris have their own young and fashion style. They do not need some high heels or sparkle clothes to become fashionable.

  1. A bit of carelessness is one of the most important things

They do not like wearing tight dress. They believe that a bit carelessness can make her more charming.

2. They love stylish accessories.

French women love having scarf, gloves or hat on their clothes. The small accessories can make you look more charming and stylish.

3. They like simple shoes

High heels are not cup of tea of women living in Paris. When they have a party at night, they also work all day so high heels are not suitable for active girls.

4. Extremely simple with their looks. 

French women love making herself more elegant because they do not want to impress others but she loves herself.

5. Luxury brands are not really their gouts. 

Brands that are not really famous are suitable for them. They love wearing something is not outstanding that makes her unique compared with other girls in the world.

6. Natural makeup

Parisian women like having simple and natural makeup that is enough to highlight their most beautiful features.

7. These women could not be tanned. 

They always bring sunglasses in their bags to avoid sunlight and protect their skin.

8. They like red lipstick.

9. They spend much more money for their hair. 

They save money to care their hair than buying expensive clothes.

10. Their hair need to be as simple as possible.

11. You cannot find French woman in a push-up bra.

Xuan Tr


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