The sleepy driver ran his car on the sidewalk and hit many walkers
Accident made the car run onto the sidewalk and hit the many walkers because the driver was sleepy.

The terrible accident happened in the tourist village when a Nissan car ran onto the sidewalk and hit several walkers.

The adverse consequence was a 63-year-old man living in the area lost his life instantly, and many others were injured with different levels.

The driver causing the accident was over 20 years old. According to policemen, the person slept while driving, so he drove through the road and ran onto the sidewalk.

Investigators are considering to launch the case with the driver causing the accident.

The security camera records the terrible scene when the black car ran onto the sidewalk with the high speed and hit many walkers. After that, it crashed into another car.

When police were examined, the driver  said he felt sleepy and could not remember how he hit the people on the sidewalk.

He also said he was a taxi driver, he hadn't sleep for 2 continous days before the accident.

Watching video:



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